Use Silicone Gloves Don’t Get Burnt!

One can easily get burnt when cooking in the kitchen; however carefully cooking one use to do but still there are chances it is happened to all of us.

Naturally I went straight to the sink and ran my burn under the cold tap for about 10 minutes… apparently doing this not only cools off the burn but stop the burn process and so reducing inflammation.

Then I applied a thin layer of aloe vera gel which I know from previous experiences is just about the best remedy you can use on burnt skin – better still that it is natural. Despite all this not enough time has passed and I write this review still with a tell-tale scar and wishing I had purchased the ShelfGuard Strips earlier!

For the slightly more desirous example why not try some fish on there too? For the people who are huge fan of fish cooked in the oven, but on the BBQ it takes on the lovely Smokey taste which is what all those people love. Monkfish and tuna are good to start with because they are quite meaty and hold together very well.

Cook them in oiled tin foil with herbs. The same for vegetables – not everyone wants large amounts of meat just because it’s a BBQ and potatoes, peppers and other vegetables are delicious when cooked in oil with herbs wrapped in foil (par boil the potatoes first).

But do not get burnt accidentally during the process. Want a different type of salad to go with it? Just open up a tin of mixed pulses/beans and mix with some pre-bought salsa, sweet corn, peppers, onion (I also add cucumber) for a lovely salsa salad that is super easy to make and goes brilliantly with red meat. Pay high attention not to get an accidentally burnt like brown leather gloves.

Needless to say oven gloves would have protected my hands & arms from burning when reaching into the hot oven! These easy to fit – simply slip the Ptrotecta on to the front of your oven shelf. Importantly, they are also quick & easy to remove for cleaning, just by washing in warm soapy water. They can withstand temperatures up to 260°C and each strip 36cm long. They come in packs of 2.

Now one other item everybody knows about using in the kitchen are Oven Gloves. Unfortunately in this instance mine were not that great, but some that are miles above the usual quality of Oven Glove are those made from Silicone, such as the: silicone gloves and Deluxe Orka Plus Silicone Mitt with Cotton Lining. Available in blue and pink they really are top of the range and can withstand temperatures up to 250 C ( 480 F ) which is three times more than the original Orka Oven Mitt.

With a removable thick Cotton Lining, which by the way is machine washable, they are super strong, yet more flexible for ease of use. With safety in mind they have a non-slip gripFree Web Content, are waterproof and very cleverly they will fit the right or left hand – so any lefties out there do not need to feel left out!! But what I really love about them is that they are non–staining and do not blacken. You may be asking yourself how you would clean a silicone oven glove; well they really are easy to clean because they are dishwasher safe like men leather gloves.